Winter Damages and Asbestos Dangers

Winter is in full force and with it comes the bad storms! While you may be trying to stay warm and ensure your home is not damaged, you should be worrying about another problem! Winter damages could lead to asbestos exposure. Once asbestos has been damaged, it will travel throughout your home and expose your entire family and friends.

What Winter Damages Could Lead to Asbestos Exposure?

Winter damages come in all shapes and forms, but what types of damages could cause asbestos exposure? We first need to look at where asbestos-containing materials could be found. Asbestos Abatement Services will discuss a few places that could cause asbestos exposure.


Roofing is known to commonly contain asbestos. With the weight of snow and ice, it is no surprise that your roof could be damaged during a winter storm. If your roofing becomes damaged, it is very possible for the fibers to enter your home.


Winter storms can lead to major leaks in your home. This could be from ice dams or frozen pipes. Either way, these leaks could cause asbestos fibers to break apart. Insulation and adhesives are known to contain asbestos. If you have a leak, call the professionals.

Attic or Basement Damages

Your attic and basement are both places that usually contain asbestos. If you have water or roof damages from a winter storm, it is possible that you need a certified professional. It is important to check your attic and basement on a regular basis.

If any of the above happens to you, call your local asbestos abatement service professional. They will be able to check your home and provide any assistance. If you do have this hazardous mineral, a professional will be able to remove it safely. Taking the proper precautions could save your life! Don’t wait if you have winter storm damages!

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