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April 2019

Home Basement Interior

Asbestos in Basements and Attics

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Asbestos has many different hiding places inside and outside your home, but some of those places get overlooked. Our basements and attics are the most overlooked areas of our homes. We check our basements and attics at the most every six months or so and those times are usually when we need to get an item from that area. When we do regular maintenance, we often overlook the basement and attic. Unfortunately, that can be bad for homeowners. Your basement and attic could have leaks that may cause structural damages or mold. These areas could also contain asbestos.

If you have an older home or have areas of your basement or attic that seem worn or damaged, you should proceed with caution. An older home likely contains asbestos, and if areas of the basement or attic are damaged, you are at the threat for asbestos exposure. The only way to know if your home contains asbestos is through asbestos testing. These tests are completed by licensed professional such as Asbestos Abatement Services. The best thing you can do is to keep a regular eye on your basement or attic. Check the areas more often. Make sure damaged materials are repaired and that all asbestos has been removed.

Asbestos exposure is a real danger and should be avoided at any cost. If your basement or attic is older, worn, or damaged, have a professional check it. A simple asbestos test could end up saving the lives of everyone that enters your home. It only takes one tiny asbestos fiber to cause you to have severe illnesses in the future. Be safe! Add basement and attic checks to your regular maintenance routine; you will thank us later!

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Asbestos Exposure from Burning

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Did you know that burning asbestos is illegal and can cause devastating health problems? When doing a remodel or Spring cleaning many rural areas allow burning of certain items. While this is a great practice for many, it can also be a harmful one. Smoke travels a great distance and with it tiny particles of the items you are burning. This means any asbestos-containing materials that are burnt could expose you and your neighbors. Luckily, Asbestos Abatement Services has some information to help you determine what you should do.

Should I Burn My Items?

Some items will not contain asbestos. Couches, mattresses, and even counters will not contain asbestos. However, the below items are likely to have asbestos:

• Tile
• Roofing
• Wallpaper
• Insulation
• Drywall

Above are some of the more common items that are known to contain asbestos. If you have an older home and are wanting to burn the above items, you shouldn’t. Asbestos exposure can happen easily, as asbestos fibers are very tiny and cannot be seen. If you burn the above items there is a major chance of asbestos exposure. There are regulations on burning in place that if followed will prevent exposure.

Is Asbestos Exposure that Dangerous?

The answer is yes! Asbestos exposure has been linked to many different illnesses. Mesothelioma, lung cancer, heart problems, and respiratory illnesses are all linked to asbestos exposure. Before you burn any items that could contain asbestos, think again.

Before doing any remodels or removing items from your home, have an asbestos test completed. It is best to know if your home contains asbestos. If it does, you can have it removed by a professional before it exposes you and your family. Play it safe and have a professional such as Asbestos Abatement Services complete an asbestos test on your home. They are licensed and certified by the state to ensure accurate asbestos testing and safe removal.

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Remodels and Asbestos

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Remodels are an exciting time for everyone involved. You are making your home look the way you have always wanted, but with remodels can come some dangers. We know you understand the normal dangers like injuries from construction, but what about asbestos exposure? Asbestos exposure is a serious problem when it comes to remodels. Remodels consist of demolishing parts of your home and rebuilding. During this process, you can disturb asbestos-containing materials and expose your self to the asbestos.

Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos is highly hazardous to your health. Asbestos causes Mesothelioma and lung cancer. It can also cause severe respiratory problems and possibly death. Many homes were built using asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos exposure is so dangerous that it has been banned in construction materials and some laws are in place to ensure worker safety.

What Should I Do?

If you are starting a remodel, it is important to look at the age of your home. Is your home newly built? Was it built within the last ten years? If so, then you are probably safe. If your home was build decades ago, you are likely in trouble and will need to have the home checked for asbestos. Asbestos testing is only completed by certified asbestos abatement professionals such as Asbestos Abatement Services. This test will determine if you can safely remodel or if you will need professional asbestos removal.

Asbestos abatement is a dangerous process and should only be completed by certified and licensed professionals. Asbestos Abatement professionals have the proper tools, respirators, and suits to ensure all asbestos is safely removed and properly disposed of. Before you start your next remodel to make sure you step back and look at the age and condition of your home. It is best to be safe than sorry years later.

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Spring Cleaning and Asbestos Exposure

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Spring is here and with it comes spring cleaning. After a cold winter, people want to clean out their basements, attics, homes, and garages. This is a yearly practice for most, but it can also be a dangerous one. During spring cleaning, you can disturb asbestos-containing materials. This allows the asbestos to float throughout the air and expose everyone around you. Below we will discuss some tips to ensure your spring cleaning is asbestos free.

Do You Have Worn or Damaged Areas in Your Home

If you notice any damaged or worn areas inside your home, it is important to step back and assess the situation. If the damages are to an older part of your home, it could contain asbestos. If it is an area you have remodeled or know is newer, then you should be safe.

Is your Home Older?

If you have an older home, it should be checked for asbestos. Homes in the 80s and even 90s are known to contain asbestos. Asbestos fibers are small and could easily enter your body through the mouth or nose. All older homes should have an asbestos test completed by a professional.

Has an Asbestos Test Been Completed on Your Home?

All homes should have an asbestos test completed by a certified asbestos abatement professional. Asbestos cannot be seen so it can easily expose your family without anyone knowing. It is best to be cautious and has an asbestos test done on the interior and exterior of your home.

Before doing any spring cleaning take a step back and evaluate your home. Make sure it is safe and asbestos-free before you begin any major spring cleaning. These simple tips could save the lives of everyone in your family!