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Asbestos Inspections and Your Property – Why Are Asbestos Tests So Important?

Living room of a home

Asbestos is still legal in small amounts. That statement should scare you. Asbestos exposure kills people, and we are seeing men, women, and children with asbestos-related illnesses. The danger is very real, and it should be taken seriously. Asbestos could be in construction materials located throughout your home. All it takes is a remodel or damaged material to cause you to become exposed to asbestos. Once exposed, asbestos fibers cannot be removed from the body. They become lodged in the lungs, where they begin to cause cancer and other illnesses. The main way to protect you and your family is through knowledge and asbestos inspections.

Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos inspections are completed by a certified asbestos abatement professional. These professionals are licensed and trained to perform asbestos inspections. The asbestos inspection is very in-depth, and your entire property is checked for asbestos. Samples of materials are gathered and are sent to a special lab for asbestos testing. This is the most accurate and foolproof way to determine if there is asbestos on your property. If you do have asbestos, your asbestos abatement professional will discuss options with you. Removal of asbestos is very serious. You will need to leave the property while the asbestos abatement process is completed. This is to ensure your safety. Asbestos fibers are tiny and not able to be seen, making it easy for them to expose those in the area.

Asbestos inspections are important because asbestos isn’t banned and is still being found in newer homes that should not contain asbestos. People think they are safe because they are in a new house, but that is not the case. If you own a home, you should contact your local asbestos abatement company to have an asbestos inspection completed. This simple test could be the one thing that prevents you and our family from being exposed to asbestos.

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