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Summer Asbestos Removal

By June 6, 2020June 29th, 2020Asbestos Information
Exterior of a home in summer

Warmer weather has arrived, and with the beautiful weather comes home remodels. Home remodels are a common occurrence throughout the United States, but with remodels, comes a risk. Asbestos exposure is a very real risk of remodeling. Homes that were built before the late 80s are more prone to have asbestos-containing materials. When these materials breakdown from age, wear and tear, or remodels, asbestos fibers are released into the air. These fibers can travel throughout your home and become ingested without your knowledge.

Asbestos can be removed at any time, but Summer is the perfect time of year for asbestos removal. If your property has asbestos or has not yet been tested, call a professional asbestos abatement specialist today! Asbestos could be in all areas of your home, including the insulation, paint, and even flooring. If you are looking to remodel your home, an asbestos test can ensure your home is safe from asbestos. This is an easy way to protect your family and ensure your home remains a safe place.

If your home does have asbestos, right now is the best time to schedule an asbestos removal on your property. Asbestos removal services start with you vacating the property. Once you are gone, the asbestos abatement professionals will begin sealing off areas of your home. After the area is secured, they will remove the asbestos-containing materials. They will do this for all areas that are affected. After all, asbestos is removed, your home will undergo a final test to ensure all asbestos fibers are removed from your property. Once cleared, you will be able to enter your home again and go on with your remodels, knowing it is safe to do so. Asbestos exposure can cause severe respiratory illnesses and several types of cancer. Protect your family and have all asbestos removed this Summer.

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