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Where Are People Commonly Exposed to Asbestos?

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Most people do not understand that asbestos is a part of our every day lives. Asbestos lurks in the air in trace amounts. However, it is also in places we commonly inhabit on a day to day basis. Asbestos was used in construction materials for decades and still used in small amounts. While older homes are more likely to contains asbestos, some newer homes have been known to as well. Some products that are known to contain asbestos are:
• Insulation
• Spray on Ceilings
• Flooring
• Tiles
• Roofing
• Adhesives
• Wire Coating

Above are the more common materials that are known to contain asbestos.

At Home

Older homes were built with asbestos-containing materials. This is especially true for homes built before the mid-80s. Your home could have asbestos in every room, and you would never know. Asbestos fibers are small and cannot be seen. Testing is required to find asbestos fibers. It is important that you have your home tested before any remodels or renovations.

At Work

A lot of construction workers, railroad, shipyard, and military have been diagnosed with asbestos exposure. While laws are now in place to help curb asbestos exposure, it can still happen. Not all companies abide by the laws and regulations, making it dangerous for workers. Workers who have been exposed to asbestos also carry it home on their clothing. This can expose everyone in the household to asbestos. If you work in a job that could cause asbestos exposure, make sure you are working safely.

At School

Most schools were built decades ago and renovated to look new. While this is a normal practice, it can cause asbestos exposure in schools. Laws are in place to ensure schools do not contain asbestos, but older schools are still going through asbestos abatement. Schools now must have strict plans in place to handle asbestos. These laws are put in place to protect children, faculty, and parents from asbestos exposure.

As you can see, asbestos is in places where we spend most of our time. It is important to be aware of the dangers of asbestos and to be knowledgeable about asbestos exposure.

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Ways to Protect Your Family from Asbestos Insulation!

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Asbestos-containing materials like insulation are present in most houses built before 1980 and even in homes built after that time. Surprisingly, most people do not realize that there is asbestos inside their homes. With the recent influx of asbestos in the news, people are becoming more concerned than before. Asbestos Abatement Services has a lot of calls asking about asbestos in insulation. Below we will discuss ways to protect your family from asbestos exposure.

Asbestos in Insulation

Asbestos is commonly found in insulation, especially in older homes. However, some newer homes contain asbestos in construction materials. There are several options for checking your home if you are unsure of asbestos-containing materials. It is always safer to assume asbestos is in your home. By doing this, you are more cautious. Certified asbestos contractors provide asbestos testing for your home. This test is completed through a thorough inspection of your property. Samples are taken and checked at a lab to ensure correct results. If you do have asbestos on your property, you will need to have the asbestos removed as soon as possible.

How Can I Avoid Asbestos Exposure?

The best way to prevent asbestos exposure is through testing. However, there are other ways to help prevent exposure. It is important not to disturb your insulation. When remodeling it is easy to disturb areas that contain insulation. If disturbed, asbestos fibers can easily float throughout your home. You should never let children play in the attic; playing could disturb the asbestos. It is also crucial that you never remove insulation yourself. Hiring a trained asbestos removal specialist is important. They have the proper licenses, equipment, and respirators to remove asbestos from your home safely.

Asbestos can cause major health problems including cancer and even death. If your home has never been tested for asbestos, now is the time. Asbestos testing is affordable and can save your life. Be smart and hire a certified asbestos contractor.

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High-Risk Jobs and Asbestos Exposure

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Asbestos exposure happens most in industrial settings. Many occupations run the risk of asbestos exposure. Asbestos Abatement Services wants you to be prepared. We have several industries, where asbestos exposure is frequent. Asbestos fibers have been used in many goods over the years, and can still, contain trace amounts of asbestos fibers.
• Construction Workers
Construction workers are the most common place for asbestos exposure. Asbestos fibers were used in building materials such as ceilings, pipes, floors, adhesive compounds, and for fireproofing.
• Auto Mechanics
Asbestos is used in gaskets, brake innings, and even clutches. Mechanics are exposed on a daily basis.
• Railroad Workers
Many trains used asbestos fibers in insulation, brake linings, and areas that needing fire-proofing.
• Electricians
Electricians work around wires, insulation, materials used for fireproofing, and adhesives. These items contained asbestos. Asbestos was a durable and cheap alternative that was fire retardant.
• Shipbuilders
Asbestos was delivered using ships, and many ships were build using asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos was also commonly used in the building and repair of vessels.
• Insulation Installers
Insulation is the number one place that asbestos is found. Asbestos is fireproof, and its overall effectiveness and durability made it perfect for insulation. Insulation installers were exposed to high amounts of asbestos.
• Drywall Contractors
Drywall is known to contain asbestos fibers, as does the adhesives. Drywall contained high levels of asbestos.
• Teachers
Teachers are an odd professional to have asbestos exposure, but older schools were built using asbestos fibers. Remodeled or damaged areas cause exposure to teachers.
• Firefighters
Firefighters have been known to wear suits containing asbestos, as asbestos fibers are fire retardant. They also risked exposure by fighting fires in older buildings.
Above are some of the more common industries that were exposed to asbestos. Asbestos exposure is still happening in many industries as asbestos is still legal in the United States.

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Asbestos Facts- 5 Things You Should Know!

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Asbestos is on social media, in commercials, and billboards, but what do you know about asbestos? Most people understand that it is dangerous and can cause illnesses, but that is as far as their knowledge goes on the deadly fiber. Below Asbestos Abatement Services will discuss five little-known facts about asbestos.

Asbestos Has Not Been Banned

It is shocking that asbestos has not been banned in the United States. Many states have laws to control asbestos, but it can still be imported into the United States. Asbestos is still used for fireproofing, insulation, roofing, and even automobile parts. It is known to be a carcinogen and is still being used.

Thousands Die Each Year from Asbestos Exposure

Thousands are diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses each year, and thousands die from it. Asbestos exposure can happen decades before any symptoms occur. This makes it very difficult to know exactly when you were exposed to asbestos. T0 protect yourself, have your home tested for asbestos before any remodels occur.

Your Insulation Likely Still Contains Asbestos

Asbestos is the perfect fiber for insulation, and it is still being used as such. Even your newer home likely contains asbestos fibers in the insulation.

Many Professions are at Risk!

Shipyards, railroads, and construction workers are most likely to have been exposed to asbestos. However, we are seeing business professionals, teachers, and even military personnel being diagnosed with asbestos-related illnesses.

Most Occupational Cancers are from Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma is only caused by asbestos exposure. This type of cancer is mostly seen in firefighters, miners, construction workers and the elderly. Other types of cancers are also caused by asbestos exposure and are seen mostly in blue collar jobs.
The above are just a few facts about the dangerous fiber known as asbestos. You should have your home tested for asbestos and see a doctor if you believe you have been exposed to asbestos.

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Asbestos Inspections – Why Should I Have One Completed?

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Asbestos is a fiber that is still being used in certain types of construction materials. Older homes are more likely to have asbestos-containing materials, but some newer homes still contain asbestos. Asbestos is a dangerous fiber that can cause respiratory problems, cancer, and even death. Exposure can be fatal. Asbestos inspections are the only way to determine if your home has asbestos. Below Asbestos Abatement Services will discuss asbestos testing and the reasons you need to have one completed.

What is an Asbestos Inspection?

Asbestos inspections are completed by certified and licensed asbestos removal specialist. These inspections are very thorough and will determine if your home contains asbestos fibers. The test is administered by taking samples from different materials in the home. These samples are then sent off to a lab where they will be tested for asbestos. If you do have asbestos-containing materials, you will need to have the asbestos removed. The removal should be handled by a licensed and certified asbestos contractor, as they have the proper tools, equipment, and suits to remove and dispose of the asbestos materials safely.

Do I Really Need an Asbestos Inspection?

Many will argue that newer homes do not require asbestos inspections, but this is farther from the truth. Newer homes have been found to contain asbestos-containing materials still. While we all know the dangers of asbestos is severe, many will not have an asbestos inspection completed on their homes. This simple inspection and test can save the lives of you and your entire family. Asbestos can easily expose everyone in your household, as the fibers are very small and can travel through air, air ducts, and be ingested through your mouth or nose. If you have never had an asbestos inspection completed, the time is now. It will not only give you peace of mind, but it will protect you and your family!

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Asbestos Removal for Industrial and Commercial Properties

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Industrial and commercial asbestos removal is different from residential asbestos removal. Residential asbestos removal is in a smaller capacity. Commercial and industrial sites commonly have more asbestos-containing materials than residential properties. It is also done on a larger scale. Commercial and industrial sites can cover acres of property and numerous buildings that could all contain this dangerous mineral. It is important when looking for an asbestos abatement company for your industrial or commercial needs, to make sure they are asbestos contractors and that they are certified and licensed for large-scale asbestos removal.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is a major process when it comes to commercial and industrial buildings. The tests and inspections take time and are very thorough. When testing large properties, it could take days to complete the testing. It is crucial that the company be certified and insured to provide industrial and commercial asbestos testing and contractor work. Once the testing is complete, it will be sent to a lab for results. If the industrial or commercial site has asbestos-containing materials, a plan will need to be created to remove the hazardous materials. The plan should be created by certified asbestos contractors, as the areas are so large.

Asbestos Removal

Industrial and commercial properties are known to contain more asbestos than residential. This is because of the types of materials needed for industrial sites. Below we will discuss some of the industrial asbestos materials found commonly found in such properties.

  • Insulation
  • Wire Coatings
  • Fireproof Materials
  • Roofing
  • Tiles and Flooring
  • Walls
  • Adhesives
  • Machines

Because the area is so large and can contain so much asbestos, the removal process will usually be completed in stages over an extended period of time. Smaller sections will be completed at a time to ensure the asbestos fibers do not escape the area and expose anyone. When providing asbestos removal for industrial areas, it is different from residential areas, because the areas are more open and will need to be confined to smaller spaces. This is to protect workers and clients from asbestos exposure.

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Hiring an Asbestos Abatement Professional – What Should I Look For?

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Are you looking for an asbestos abatement professional? If so, Asbestos Abatement Services has information that can help you find the right company for the job. It is important that you find the right company that specializes in your individual needs. You should look at many different things to determine if the asbestos removal company is worth their salt. Below we will discuss some important things to look for.

Are they Certified and Licensed?

When dealing with asbestos, it is crucial that the company you choose is certified and licensed. This protects you and them. If they are certified and licensed, it means they have the proper certifications to ensure the asbestos abatement will be done properly. You also need licenses to dispose of asbestos. Always look for certifications.

Do They Provide Asbestos Inspections and Tests?

A true asbestos abatement company will provide asbestos inspections and tests. Inspections and testing are the only accurate way to find out if there is asbestos in your home or business. Be smart, make sure they are certified to provide asbestos tests and inspections.

Do They Do Commercial and Residential Removal?

Asbestos abatement companies should provide commercial and residential removal. If they provide both and are certified, it means they have the proper equipment to ensure the asbestos will be removed properly.

Are They an Asbestos Contractor?

Asbestos contractors are needed when a building is being demolished, and it contains asbestos. This type of asbestos removal is dangerous and must be handled safely and professionally. Make sure the asbestos contractor is certified and licensed for the job

Above are the more common things to look for when choosing the right asbestos removal company for your home or business. Always ensure they are fully certified and licensed for asbestos removal. You are trusting this company with your lives. If they miss any asbestos, it can expose you. Be smart and research the company before you make a final decision.

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Asbestos Testing and Removal – Before Buying a Home

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Prior to Buying a Home

Buying a home can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You have tons of inspections completed on the home you are preparing to buy but most overlook one of the more essential inspections and tests you can have completed. Asbestos and lead are still a genuine danger. Homes are still being built with asbestos-containing materials and some homes still contain lead paint. Even though it is a real topic these days, the dangers are still alive and real. Asbestos Abatement Services has some tips and info you should read before purchasing your next home.

Asbestos Testing

A certified asbestos removal company should complete asbestos testing. Asbestos tests take time, and the entire home will be checked to ensure there are no asbestos-containing materials in the home you want to purchase. This test can give you peace of mind and save your life if asbestos is found. Asbestos exposure can cause cancer and even death. A simple test and inspection can easily find asbestos before you become exposed.

Asbestos Removal

If the home you want to purchase contains contaminated materials, you will need to talk with the seller. Most times they will discuss options with you. This may be knocking the price down to cover the cost of the removal of the hazardous items or arranging to have them removed themselves. Never purchase a home that contains this dangerous mineral without first discussing your options. Asbestos removal can be costly and time-consuming. You will need to have the asbestos removed before you move in. It is best to have the asbestos removed as soon as it is found. If not, then it can break down and travel throughout the home and expose everyone inside the residence.

If you are unsure about asbestos testing and removal, contact a professional asbestos abatement company. They will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with valuable information that could save your life.

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Asbestos and Your Air Ducts

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Asbestos fibers entering your air ducts may be one of the most dangerous combinations. Asbestos fibers are microscopic and are not able to be seen. This makes it impossible to know if you have asbestos inside our home or business. The only way to really know is through a specialized test. If you have an older home or completed a remodel, there is a chance that you now have asbestos inside your air ducts. Asbestos can easily float from one room to the next and expose you. You can inhale or ingest the fibers without knowing.

How do I find out if I have asbestos fibers in my air ducts?

The only way to know for sure is with an asbestos test. If you have never had an asbestos test administered, it is a wise decision to do so. Certified and licensed asbestos abatement professionals should only administer the asbestos test. They will test the entire home for asbestos, including your air ducts. The test is very thorough and will find even trace amounts of asbestos fibers.

What should I do if they find asbestos in my air ducts?

If asbestos-containing materials were found in your home that was not disturbed, then you are lucky, and your air ducts should be fine. The asbestos will still need to be removed. However, if the air ducts do contain asbestos fibers, they will need to be replaced. A licensed and insured asbestos abatement team will come in and remove all the asbestos fibers from your home, this will include your air ducts. Once all the asbestos fibers have been removed, the company will test for asbestos a second time to ensure all the asbestos has been appropriately removed. Once cleared you will be able to enter your home.  The air ducts will be replaced, and you will know that your home is now free from the dangerous fiber, known as asbestos.

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Asbestos – Related Illnesses and Your Health

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Asbestos-related illnesses are becoming more common since asbestos has become mainstream. More people are being diagnosed and treated for asbestos-related illnesses. We all know about mesothelioma from lawyer commercials, but did you know there are other asbestos-related illnesses? Today, we will talk about a few different types of illnesses that are the result of asbestos exposure.


Asbestosis is a long-lasting disease of the lungs that is caused by prolonged asbestos exposure. This is one of the most common illnesses that is caused by asbestos exposure. Asbestosis causes lung tissue scarring that results in trouble breathing. The diseases take years before it begins to show symptoms. Asbestosis can cause chest tightening, loss of appetite, dry cough, and shortness of breath. Asbestosis has been known to lead to Mesothelioma.

Pleural Plaques

Pleural plaques are where parts of the parietal pleura thicken and calcify. This is the most common illness from asbestos exposure. This illness takes decades before it is diagnosed, as it does not show symptoms.

Pleural Thickening

With pleural thickening, the visceral pleura thickens and restricts the lung. It causes lung pain and shortness of breath. Diffuse pleural thickening is one of the rarer illnesses that is caused by asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Pleural Effusions

This illness causes fluid buildup between the visceral and parietal pleura. Pleural effusions occur within a decade of exposure and may eventually lead to diffuse pleural thickening. This can cause shortness of breath, coughing, and general fatigue.
While these illnesses are known to cause major respiratory problems, the symptoms can usually be treated. However, all the above can turn into Mesothelioma, which is a cancer caused by asbestos exposure. If you think you may have been exposed to asbestos at some point in your life, it is crucial to get checked out by a certified doctor for a proper diagnosis.