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Should Asbestos Still Be A Concern?

Exterior view of a family home

Asbestos-related deaths have remained constant over the last decade and are predicted to remain stable. This is not good news, as we all hope for a decrease in the number of deaths caused by the dangerous fiber. This alone should answer the question about asbestos still being a concern. Asbestos will remain a concern until it is completely banned and all properties are clear from asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos In Buildings

Many older buildings are receiving facelifts and being transformed into more modern-looking buildings. This is exceptionally dangerous because the older buildings still contain some materials with asbestos. This makes the commercial properties hazardous to employees and clients. Unfortunately, older buildings are not the only concern, as we are seeing newer commercial properties with asbestos. It is important to have all commercial properties tested for asbestos as a precaution.

Asbestos In Homes

Older homes usually have asbestos-containing materials. This is no surprise, and we see many people having their older homes tested and asbestos removed. This is a major step in our fight against asbestos exposure, but newly constructed homes are also of concern. Newer homes have been found to contain trace amounts of asbestos. This is a lot better than older homes, but even trace amounts allow for asbestos exposure to you and your family. If you have recently had a new home built, it is best to follow up with an asbestos test.

The only way we will ever be free from asbestos exposure and asbestos-related illnesses is through better education. More education on asbestos can lead to a much-needed ban. If asbestos products are banned, there will be no more properties constructed using asbestos, nor asbestos in any other products. Once banned, we can begin to move forward from the hazardous and deadly fiber known as asbestos.

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