Top 5 Places Asbestos May Be Lurking!

Asbestos was considered a miracle fiber for the construction industry. Asbestos is flexible, yet strong. It is water and fire resistant and is a poor electrical conduit. This was perfect for most construction needs. It was used in shipyards, boiler rooms, and power sub-stations. Today, asbestos is still in some materials, especially in home and building materials. Asbestos-related illnesses are severe and can happen from a small amount of asbestos.  Below Asbestos Abatement will discuss different areas of your home that could contain asbestos and explain the best way to keep you and your family safe.

  • Living Rooms

Asbestos was used in sheetrock, ceilings, wallpaper adhesives, and even caulk. These items are present in the construction of living rooms. Many times, the asbestos has not been disturbed, however, once you do a renovation, you are at risk for asbestos exposure.

  • Kitchens

Kitchen appliances are known to have asbestos containing materials. Dishwashers, ovens, toaster ovens, and crock pots are all known to have asbestos because of its heat resistant properties. Kitchen tiles and ceilings are also places that are likely to contain asbestos.

  • Bathrooms

Your tub, toilet, and even your wall could contain asbestos containing materials. Without a proper asbestos test, there is no way to know for sure. Asbestos could also be used in your plumbing.

  • Basements and Attics

Basements and attics usually contain hot water heaters, insulation, and wiring. These items all contain asbestos. If your home is a bit older, you should have a test completed to ensure you do not become exposed to asbestos.

If you own your home, you should have an asbestos test completed. It is the only way to know for sure if your home contains asbestos. A test could save you a lifetime of illness from asbestos exposure. For more information check out our other blogs!

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