Spring Time and Asbestos Exposure

Spring time brings on projects. Whether it is large outdoor projects such as roofing and flooring, or smaller ones like wallpaper or wall painting, the risk of asbestos exposure is out there. Asbestos hides in plain sight and you will never know it is there until you have a professional check your home or business. If you are thinking of doing any spring projects around the home, you should have a professional asbestos removal company check your property. Below are some plays asbestos may be hiding.

  • Wallpaper

After winter, people want to change up the insides of their homes. One of the easiest ways to do so, is through wallpaper. Unfortunately, wallpaper glue, may contain asbestos. If you begin removing the wallpaper, it can expose you and your family to asbestos.

  • Textured Paint

Do you hate that textured paint look? Many people do! However, it is hazardous to remove textured paint. Textured paint may contain asbestos and the removal will expose your entire home and family to asbestos. A professional should remove textured paint or popcorn ceilings.

  • Roofing

Roofing should always be done by professionals. Roofing shingles and the glues are known to contain high levels of asbestos. If you do not have the proper equipment, you will end up exposed and possibly very sick.

  • Ceiling Tiles

Wanting to change your ceiling tiles? Not so fast! It is possible that your ceiling contains asbestos. A quick inspection by the professionals should get you back on track.

  • Flooring

Tiles are known to have asbestos. Breaking apart floor tiles can cause asbestos dust to travel throughout your home. This can be very dangerous. Always consult an asbestos professional such as Asbestos Abatement Services before doing any flooring projects.

  • Caulking and Cement 

Caulking and cement that is in crevices may contain asbestos. Once this begins to break down, you are exposed to asbestos. It is important to have all areas checked before doing any type of projects. A simple asbestos inspection could save you a lot of money on medical bills and asbestos removal later on.

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