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Lead Abatement – Why Is Lead So Dangerous?

Two house painters in hazmat suits removing lead paint from an old house

Lead is naturally occurring around the world, which shouldn’t make it a danger. Wrong! Many naturally occurring materials are hazardous. Asbestos and lead are both naturally occurring and very dangerous if you are exposed. Lead was used in paint for decades. Over time people realized that lead poisoning was a thing, and that lead was actually very hazardous to your health. Once this was discovered, lead was removed from paint and banned for use. Today, we are still finding homes that have lead paint in them. Below, we will discuss why we see lead paint in homes that have been remodeled and why it is so dangerous!

Lead Paint

Lead paint was just one of many parts that make up the paint in homes. However, it was the most dangerous. Lead paint can cause lead poisoning, especially in the elderly, young adults, and pregnant women. Once lead paint was banned, it was not really removed from homes. A home that had lead paint would eventually receive a remodel, which would lead to someone putting a fresh coat of paint over the existing coat. This only sealed the lead into the home. Lead is still a danger, even if covered by a fresh coat of paint. This is why we see many renovated homes still containing lead paint.

Why is Lead Paint So Dangerous?

Lead poisoning caused a wide array of symptoms for the elderly, children, and pregnant women. It is so dangerous that it can cause a coma or even death if the exposure levels are high. Luckily, there are tests that can be administered to check for lead paint in the home. These tests are relatively simple, and you receive the results quickly. Lead poisoning can cause many symptoms, but some of the main ones include:
• Cognitive Issues
• Behavioral Problems
• Swelling
• Abdominal Pain
• GI Issues
• Heart Problems

As you can see, lead poisoning is very hazardous to your health. If your property has lead, it is best to have it removed by a professional lead abatement company.

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