Commercial Asbestos Removal – 5 Things You Need To Know!

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Commercial asbestos removal is a huge undertaking and takes a lot of planning. If you own a commercial property that contains asbestos, we have information to help you better understand commercial asbestos removal. Commercial asbestos removal is very different from residential removal, and it is crucial that you have the right company for your commercial asbestos removal.

Asbestos Testing is Needed Before Demolition of Commercial Properties

If you are looking to demolish your commercial building and build a new one, you will need to hire an asbestos removal company that specializes in commercial removal. The asbestos abatement professionals will need to test the commercial property for any asbestos before demolition can occur. Some laws and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of everyone during commercial property demolition. If the commercial property contains asbestos, asbestos professionals will need to be present for demolition to ensure all asbestos is secured and removed properly.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Can Be Completed While Your Business Stays Running

In most cases, asbestos removal can be completed while your business is still running. We know that businesses take a hit if they have to shut down for more than a day. If your business is large and the asbestos is spread out, we can secure certain areas while your business works in other parts of the building. We will do our best to help you keep your business going while asbestos removal occurs.

Asbestos Removal Can Take Several Days

Commercial properties are usually large. If asbestos is found in different areas of the property, it could take days to complete the removal of asbestos. Depending on how much asbestos is on the property, you will need to plan for several days of asbestos professionals in your business.

Commercial Asbestos Removal is Very Different From Residential

Commercial asbestos and residential asbestos removal are completely different. Residential asbestos removal is on a smaller scale than commercial asbestos removal. Generally, home asbestos removal is simple and can be completed in a day or so. Commercial asbestos removal can take several days and be quite complicated.

Asbestos Professional With Proper Licensing Can Only Complete asbestos Removal

If your commercial property contains asbestos, never attempt removal. Removing asbestos is illegal if you do not have the right certifications. It is also illegal to dispose of asbestos without the right licenses. For everyone’s safety, it is crucial that you call a certified asbestos abatement company like Asbestos Abatement Services to handle all your asbestos removal needs.

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