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Asbestos Abatement in Older Buildings

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Asbestos was used widely in the building of large commercial buildings. Sadly, asbestos was still in materials being used as late as the 1990s. This means your business could contain asbestos and your employees and clients could all be exposed. It is hard to tell if your building could contain asbestos. Many older buildings have been reconstructed to look new again. Many renovations do not include areas that could contain asbestos. What should you do? Asbestos Abatement is here to help with some knowledge on asbestos and older buildings!

What areas are at risk for asbestos in renovated office buildings?

Office buildings often get the once over with new tile and a fresh coat of paint. Yes, asbestos may have been in the tile, but where else in your building could asbestos be hiding? Below are just some of the places that could still contain asbestos:

  • Adhesives
  • Wall Paper Backing
  • Caulking
  • Insulation
  • Roofing

These are all areas that may not have been touched during renovations. Insulation and roofing are two that are usually not even considered during renovations. If you have an older office building, it is important to have it checked for asbestos.

Could these areas cause asbestos exposure?

Even insulation that is behind walls and in your attics could be dangerous. These areas may be hidden, but asbestos fibers are small and can easily travel and be inhaled. The fibers may travel through your HVAC system to other areas of your business.

What should I do?

The easiest thing to do is call an asbestos abatement company. They will be able to handle all your questions and test the building. Asbestos abatement companies are certified and licensed to handle all asbestos. If your building is a bit older, it won’t hurt to have an asbestos test. It could save you much money in the long run.

Asbestos Testing Importance

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Do you own your home? Are you looking to purchase a new home? How about sell the one you have? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should have an asbestos test completed. Asbestos home testing is one of the most important tests that should be done on your home. Everyone thinks about home inspections and other types of testing needed for insurance purposes. The one that everyone should do is never completed.

Asbestos fibers are still in many homes. Homes built even in the 1990s could contain asbestos materials. Before you buy or sell your home, you should have an asbestos test completed. If you already own your home, there is no better time than the present to ensure the health of you and your family. A home asbestos test is completed by a certified professional, such as Asbestos Abatement. The company should be certified and licensed to handle all types of asbestos services.

If you have a test completed and it comes back positive for asbestos, the company will likely give you options. These options will likely have the result of asbestos removal. Asbestos is not a danger until it is broken apart of breaks down. So your asbestos may not be an immediate threat. However, the asbestos in your home will become older and break down as a result. That is why it is so important to have asbestos removed as soon as possible. If your home has already been exposed to asbestos, then you will need to have the asbestos removed immediately. This is for you and your family’s health. If you have been exposed, it is important to see a doctor and tell them about your exposure.

You will likely have to leave your home for a while. This will allow the asbestos abatement company to remove the asbestos from your home safely. The number one goal is your safety. Asbestos removal is done with specialized equipment. Before you are allowed back in your home, the company will ensure that all of the asbestos fibers have been removed and disposed of in a proper manner.

Your Home’s Insulation and Roofing Could Contain Asbestos – The Dangers

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People know about the dangers of asbestos in the ceilings, tiles, and adhesives in their homes, but they forget about other areas. Asbestos in your insulation and roofing is just as dangerous. Both can enter into your home and you can be exposed. Asbestos exposure is very dangerous and can cause respiratory illnesses, cancer, and even death. Asbestos Abatement wants you to be as educated as possible when it comes to asbestos. Below are some basic questions and answers about asbestos in your insulation and roofing.

How do I know if My Roofing or Insulation Contains Asbestos?

To the unaided eye, regular insulation and roofing look the same as the kind that contains asbestos. Luckily, there are testing options that will determine if your home’s insulation of roofing contains asbestos. The test is simple and should only be administered by a professional asbestos abatement company.

If My Roofing and Insulation Contains Asbestos Is It Dangerous?

All asbestos is dangerous. Asbestos in your insulation can easily travel through your home through your air ducts. This means your entire home could be at risk for asbestos exposure. Roofing shingles breakdown because of the elements. This can quickly expose you to asbestos. It is important to have asbestos removed as soon as possible, no matter its location.

Will The Asbestos Company Handle the Removal?

Yes, your asbestos abatement company will devise a plan to remove your asbestos in the safest way possible. You may have to leave your home for a few days. As asbestos travels easily and it is important that you and your family be nowhere near. Your asbestos abatement company has the proper equipment and suits to remove asbestos properly and dispose of it.

If you believe your home has asbestos, contact an asbestos abatement company as soon as possible. It is important that any asbestos be removed as promptly as attainable, as it will make you very sick the longer you are exposed.

Find the Right Asbestos Abatement Company

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If you are looking for an asbestos company, you either suspect your home or business has asbestos or you know. It is important to find the right asbestos abatement company for your needs. Not all asbestos removal companies are the same. Asbestos Abatement Services is here to help you find the right asbestos company for your asbestos removal needs.

  • Make sure they are Insured and Certified

This should be a given, but a lot of people just assume the company is. Verify that the asbestos removal company is licensed, certified, and insured. This not only protects you, but it protects them. If they are not certified for removal and disposal, do you really want them removing a hazardous material from your home or business?

  • They Should Offer Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Asbestos abatement companies should offer asbestos testing and assessments. If you have asbestos, they should be able to give you a plan of action and the cost.

  • They Should Offer Emergency Services

An asbestos company worth their salt, will offer emergency services. This could be in the way of 24 emergency services or on-call services.

  • Ask Questions!

If you have questions, ask them. If they brush you off or give you short answers, find another company. You want a company who is honest and that will spend the time to explain the removal process. Asbestos is scary and you should be concerned. If they do not have time for your questions, find a company that wants to work for you and your family.

  • They Should Be Able to Process Insurance Claims

Asbestos removal and abatement services is sometimes covered in your insurance plan. Your asbestos abatement company should have experience with filing claims. You have enough to worry about! Once the asbestos is found, your asbestos abatement company should do the rest. You have had enough stress.

Above are just a few things you should look for when choosing your asbestos abatement company. For more information on asbestos check out our blog and website!

Why is Asbestos Dangerous?

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When dealing with asbestos, it is hard to understand just how dangerous it really is. Why is it dangerous? Does it make you sick? Should I have it removed? How do I find out if I have asbestos? These are questions that Asbestos Abatement will answer below.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a fiber that was used in construction and building materials during the 70s, 80s, and even 90s. The fibers were cost effective, versatile, and heat resistant. It was perfect for roofing, insulation, adhesives, and even tile. No one knew that it was dangerous and that it could affect your health.

What are Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure?

Many symptoms of asbestos act just like a cold or other respiratory problem. Your doctor is the only person that will know for sure if you have asbestos exposure.

  • Wheezing
  • Cracking Noises when Breathing
  • Coughing
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Breathing Problems
  • Swelling of the Neck and Face Areas
  • Respiratory Problems

What Makes Asbestos So Dangerous?

Once the fibers are friable, they begin to travel through your house and become inhaled. Asbestos fibers cause serious health problems such as Cancer and death. It was determined many years after using asbestos, that it was to blame for mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer. Anyone can be exposed to asbestos if it is in your home.

How do I know if My Home Has Asbestos?

Having an asbestos abatement company test your home, is the best way to find out if your home does have asbestos. It is important to find a certified and licensed asbestos abatement and removal company to do your home testing. They will have the licenses to remove and dispose of asbestos safely. If you do have asbestos, make sure you have it removed as soon as possible, and by professionals. They have the right equipment to ensure your safety.

Asbestos- Friable VS Non-Friable

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Asbestos is asbestos right? Well the easy answer is, Yes. All asbestos is harmful to your health. Having your home checked for asbestos is a must and should be done by licensed professionals. When dealing with asbestos abatement, you will likely hear the terms non-friable and friable. This can confuse someone who doesn’t understand asbestos. Asbestos Abatement is here to help you understand the terms and what should be done.


Friable asbestos is the most dangerous of asbestos. It means that the asbestos has started to break down and the fibers are exposed. This means that you and your family are now exposed to the asbestos fibers. They are small and can easily be transferred throughout your home through your HVAC system and inhaled. Once you are exposed, you may become seriously ill. It is important that friable asbestos is removed has quickly as possible.


Non-Friable asbestos is the opposite. It is still asbestos, but it is still in good shape. The asbestos fibers have not become damaged or broken down. Even so, you could be exposed to asbestos at any time. A simple break of tile or a rip of wallpaper could expose you. If your home has non-friable asbestos, it is important that you discuss options with your licensed asbestos abatement company. The asbestos should still be removed to ensure you are not exposed, but it is not as serious as friable asbestos.

Asbestos is dangerous and should always be removed from your home. If you know that your home has asbestos, it is important to talk to a licensed asbestos removal company. They will make a plan and will ensure all asbestos is removed from your home before you re-enter. If you are unsure on the status of your home, have an asbestos test completed. It is a simple test that will let you know if you are exposing your family to asbestos. Asbestos can cause cancer and even death. Make sure to seek only licensed and certified asbestos abatement companies.

Asbestos Removal and your Business

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Older buildings are known to have asbestos. Most older commercial buildings were built with asbestos fibers because of the durability and affordability of the product. If the building you own is a bit older, it wouldn’t hurt to have an asbestos inspection. This simple inspection could save the lives of you, your employees, and clients. Once asbestos has been disturbed, it will travel throughout your business on clothes, through the HVAC system, and even with the air. Asbestos exposure can cause respiratory problems, cancer, and even death. This is why an asbestos inspection and test is so important for older homes and businesses.

What should I do if My Building does have Asbestos?

Asbestos Abatement is a certified contractor who deals in asbestos removal and abatement services. Asbestos companies should offer asbestos inspections and testing services to businesses and homeowners alike. If your older business does have asbestos, you will need to talk with your asbestos abatement contractor and determine the best route of removal and the budget. Most asbestos abatement companies will have a plan and estimate ready if you tested positive for asbestos.

What is the Asbestos Removal Process?

Your business will have to be shut down for a limited time, so that the asbestos contractors can safely remove the asbestos. Asbestos removal is only done once everyone is out of the area and the building is closed off. It is important that no one enters the area unless they have the proper equipment and suits to handle the asbestos. Before asbestos removal begins, you will need to have your employees box up there personal belonging and you will need to remove computers and other equipment out of the area. It is very easy for asbestos fibers to attach to clothing, chairs, and even computers if it is disturbed. Once you have removed everything you wish, the asbestos removal contractors will go in with their specialized equipment and begin removing the asbestos in a safe manner.

Once all of the asbestos is removed, the asbestos contractor will once again check the area and ensure that 100% of the asbestos is gone. This is done for you and your employees safety. You will not be allowed into the area until it passes the inspection.

Allergies or Asbestos Exposure? Let us Help!

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Millions of people suffer from allergies year round. The question is, is it from pollen, or is it from something more dangerous? Asbestos and mold in your home can cause the same symptoms as seasonal allergies. How do you find out the difference? Allergies are common, but asbestos exposure can be fatal. It is important to determine if you just have allergies and not something more severe.

Asbestos manifests in the lung areas. This alone is why it causes symptoms that are close to seasonal allergies. Some of the symptoms of asbestos are:

• Coughing

• Respiratory Problems

• Cracking or Cackling Sound when Breathing

• Trouble Swallowing

• Swelling of the Face and Neck

As you can see, many symptoms are like seasonal allergies. The top 5 symptoms mirror seasonal allergies. It is difficult to tell the difference when they act exactly the same. The only difference between asbestos exposure and allergies, is that allergies go away.  If your allergies last longer than a week, consult your physician. If they continue even after the seasons change, you should have your home checked for asbestos. Your home could have asbestos or even mold. If this is the case, the removal of the asbestos or mold will help your symptoms.

If you have any severe symptoms, it is important to tell your doctor so that they can run tests for other asbestos related illnesses, such as cancer. Below are more severe symptoms of asbestos exposure:

• Blood in Sputum

• Loss of Weight

• High Blood Pressure

• Fluid Buildup 

• Stomach Upset and Pain

If you are having any of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately. They will need to run tests and determine if asbestos is the cause. It is important to let them know you may have been exposed to asbestos. It is also important to have an asbestos abatement company check your home for asbestos. Time is of the essence.  You could have asbestosis or mesothelioma and the asbestos fibers could be affecting your entire family.

Buying a Home? Have an Asbestos Test Done

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Are you thinking of buying a home? Is it older? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should look into having a home asbestos test done. Before purchasing a home, it is important to have different inspections completed. We all know to check the structure, for flooding, and other problems. However, no one thinks to check for asbestos. A small fiber could be hidden in plain sight and you would never know. It could be exposing you and your family for years before the symptoms start. It is important to protect your family and friends before it is too late.

Why have an Asbestos Test Completed on a Home before I buy?

This is an easy question to answer. Asbestos exposure can be deadly and should be removed before anyone can be exposed. Once you have been exposed, there is no way to remove the asbestos fibers from your body. A simple test can be done by a certified asbestos company, such as Asbestos Abatement Services. Certified asbestos contractor will check the home and determine if it does contain asbestos.

What do I do if it does have Asbestos?

This depends. If you have not purchased the home yet, you can discuss it with the owner of the home. The owner of the home will usually make a deal with you. They will either remove the asbestos or take the asbestos abatement price off of the homes selling price. Either way, you win. Your family will be safe from asbestos and you will never have to wonder if it is in your home.

Is it Really as Easy as a Test?

YES! A certified asbestos contractor will be able to perform the asbestos inspection and test on your home. You will know quickly if the home you are purchasing contains asbestos fibers or not. The asbestos contractor will come up with a plan on removal and have an estimate prepared for you. It really is that simple to protect your family from such a harmful fiber!

My Home is Safe from Asbestos, Right?

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You are happy with your home. A home is supposed to be the safe place away from everything else. The one place you don’t have to worry. However, if your home is older, it could have asbestos. Asbestos is a dangerous fiber that was put in many materials used to construct homes and buildings. As late as the 1990s some products still had traces of asbestos fibers. Even if your home Is not that old, it could still have asbestos. Asbestos has been everywhere. It is in the media, newspaper, local media outlets, and even online. The media paints a horrible picture about asbestos. The truth is, the media is right.

Asbestos is very dangerous and can cause cancers and even death. Asbestos exposure can cause respiratory problems. If you own your home, it is important that you have your home checked by a professional asbestos abatement contractor. Asbestos Abatement Services offers home asbestos test and other services to ensure your home is safe. A certified asbestos abatement contractor will be able to test your home and let you know if it is safe nor not. This is important to known.

Exposure to asbestos over a period of time can cause catastrophic illnesses and health problems. Before moving or buying a new home, demand an asbestos test. This is one way you can easily protect your family from asbestos and even lead exposure. Many homes that look new, really aren’t. They may have a new coat of paint and some new tile. That doesn’t mean your home wasn’t building before the 2000s. It is important to check on the age of your home. This will determine if you need an asbestos assessment. If you are not sure, call your local asbestos abatement contractor. They will be able to help you determine what should be done. If you do have asbestos, don’t worry. They will be able to safely remove it and protect your family.