Why Asbestos Inspections Should Be Completed Before Demolition

If you have an older building that you want to have demolished, it is important that you have it checked for asbestos. Certain laws require asbestos inspections before building demolition. These laws have been passed to keep everyone safe. Once asbestos has been disturbed, it can move throughout the air and can enter people’s homes, causing asbestos exposure. If a building has asbestos and is not inspected before demolition, asbestos could expose an entire neighborhood, leading to serious illnesses, such as cancer and severe respiratory problems.

Asbestos inspections can save a lot of lives if done properly. Asbestos-containing materials are safe until they are destroyed or start to wear down. Once they have been broken down they can attach to clothing, move through the air, and enter people’s homes through windows and HVAC units. New laws now require asbestos inspections on all older buildings. Asbestos testing is completed in a timely fashion and is very affordable.

If the building does contain this hazardous material it cannot be disturbed until it has been completely removed. A certified asbestos abatement company will need to remove it and dispose of it safely. Disposing of this mineral can only be completed by a professional with the proper licensing. Professional asbestos removal companies have the proper gear to ensure the asbestos is contained and removed. Once the building has been cleared of asbestos, it will be safe for demolition.

If you own an older building and plan on having it demolished, call Asbestos Abatement Services. It is important to have the testing completed before you begin the demolition process. If you do not have the proper testing completed before demolition, you could be breaking laws. Play it safe and have an asbestos test and inspection completed on any building you plan on remodeling or destroying. A simple test could save hundreds of lives.

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