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Asbestos Removal and your Business

Older buildings are known to have asbestos. Most older commercial buildings were built with asbestos fibers because of the durability and affordability of the product. If the building you own is a bit older, it wouldn’t hurt to have an asbestos inspection. This simple inspection could save the lives of you, your employees, and clients. Once asbestos has been disturbed, it will travel throughout your business on clothes, through the HVAC system, and even with the air. Asbestos exposure can cause respiratory problems, cancer, and even death. This is why an asbestos inspection and test is so important for older homes and businesses.

What should I do if My Building does have Asbestos?

Asbestos Abatement is a certified contractor who deals in asbestos removal and abatement services. Asbestos companies should offer asbestos inspections and testing services to businesses and homeowners alike. If your older business does have asbestos, you will need to talk with your asbestos abatement contractor and determine the best route of removal and the budget. Most asbestos abatement companies will have a plan and estimate ready if you tested positive for asbestos.

What is the Asbestos Removal Process?

Your business will have to be shut down for a limited time, so that the asbestos contractors can safely remove the asbestos. Asbestos removal is only done once everyone is out of the area and the building is closed off. It is important that no one enters the area unless they have the proper equipment and suits to handle the asbestos. Before asbestos removal begins, you will need to have your employees box up there personal belonging and you will need to remove computers and other equipment out of the area. It is very easy for asbestos fibers to attach to clothing, chairs, and even computers if it is disturbed. Once you have removed everything you wish, the asbestos removal contractors will go in with their specialized equipment and begin removing the asbestos in a safe manner.

Once all of the asbestos is removed, the asbestos contractor will once again check the area and ensure that 100% of the asbestos is gone. This is done for you and your employees safety. You will not be allowed into the area until it passes the inspection.

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