Asbestos Exposure Signs and Symptoms

By November 29, 2020 January 11th, 2021 Asbestos Related Illness Info
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We see mesothelioma all over the news and media, but we never hear of other illnesses that stem from asbestos exposure. What are the signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure? No one ever discusses what you should be looking for, and when to see a doctor. Below, Asbestos Abatement Services will discuss several signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure and what you should do!

Asbestos Exposure causes inflammation of the lungs and respiratory systems. Unfortunately, these symptoms take years and sometimes decades to show up. An extended period of time generally goes between being exposed to asbestos and having symptoms from asbestos. That is what makes asbestos exposure so deadly. You cannot see it and will not know if you have been exposed or not. However, you can look for symptoms and let your doctor know.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is one of the main symptoms that stem from asbestos exposure. Asbestos fibers are ingested through the nose or mouth, where it enters your lungs. These asbestos fibers will slowly begin to scar your lung tissue, which in turn makes it harder to breathe. If you notice shortness of breath, it is crucial that you see your doctor as soon as possible.


Fatigue can be the cause of many different illnesses, but it is also a symptom of asbestos exposure, especially for illnesses like mesothelioma and lung cancer. If you have no known reason for fatigue, see your doctor for a check-up!

Swollen Fingertips

Swollen fingertips or cubbing of the fingers appear in about half of asbestosis cases. Asbestosis is a manageable disease that only occurs from asbestos exposure. If you have swollen fingertips, see your doctor as it may be from an asbestos-related illness.

Wheezing and Dry Cough

Wheezing and coughing are both signs of a respiratory illness. If you have one or both, you should see your doctor, especially if you may have been exposed to asbestos. Wheezing and a dry cough starts when scar tissue forms from the asbestos fibers in your lungs.

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