Asbestos Exposure – High Risk Jobs

Asbestos exposure usually happens in industrial settings. Many occupations run a risk for asbestos exposure. Asbestos Abatement wants you to be prepared. Below, we will go over different industries, and what makes them at risk for asbestos exposure. Asbestos fibers have been used in many products over the years, and even though it is mostly illegal, some products still contain trace amounts of asbestos.

  • Construction Workers

Construction workers may be the number one place for asbestos exposure. Asbestos was used in building materials such as pipes, ceilings, floors, adhesive compounds, and items for fireproofing.

  • Auto Mechanics

Asbestos has been used in gaskets, brake innings, and even clutches. These are items that mechanics deal with daily.

  • Electricians

Electricians work around insulation, wires, compounds and materials used for fireproofing. These items commonly contained asbestos. Asbestos was a cheap alternative and fire retardant.

  • Railroad Workers

Trains were built with asbestos in the brake linings, insulation, and places needing fire-proofing.

  • Shipbuilders and Longshoremen

Asbestos was delivered using ships. Many workers were exposed to high levels of asbestos as it was cargo on boats. Asbestos was also commonly used in the construction and repair of boats.

  • Drywall Installers

One of the main components of drywall was the adhesive compounds used. This contained high levels of asbestos.

  • Insulation Installers

Asbestos was used in insulation because of its fireproof materials and its overall effectiveness. Insulators were exposed to high amounts of asbestos.

  • Firefighters

Firefighters not only wore suits containing asbestos, but they were also contaminated by fighting fires in older buildings.

  • Teachers 

Teachers may seem like an unlikely professional to have asbestos exposure. Many schools are older and were built using asbestos fibers. Damaged areas cause a great deal of exposure to teachers.

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