When Does Asbestos Become Dangerous

By August 18, 2018 August 24th, 2018 Asbestos Information
Asbestos wall boards at a demolition site

All asbestos is dangerous, but when does it become hazardous to your health? Asbestos Abatement Services has all the answers to your asbestos questions. Below we will discuss friable and non-friable asbestos, asbestos home testing, and the asbestos abatement process.

Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos

What exactly does friable mean? When it comes to asbestos, friable means the fibers have been exposed, making the asbestos very dangerous. If you have friable asbestos, you should leave the premises immediately and have an asbestos abatement company remove the asbestos. Friable asbestos is the most dangerous, as it has already broken down and can move throughout your home. Asbestos can travel on clothing and through air ducts. Non-friable asbestos means the asbestos-containing materials are still in great shape. This means you may be safe now, but if the item is damaged, you could become exposed. If you have non-friable asbestos, it is recommended you remove it as soon as possible, as it is still a hazard.

Asbestos Home Testing

Asbestos home tests are the only way to determine if your home contains materials that are composed of this mineral. This test is only completed by a certified asbestos abatement professional, such as Asbestos Abatement Services. This test is a thorough inspection of your home where sampled are taken. Once tested, you will know if your home is free from asbestos. If you do have asbestos, the certified asbestos abatement professional will discuss options with you.

Asbestos Abatement Process

The process of asbestos abatement is very time-consuming. It is important that all asbestos fibers are completely removed from the home before you return. Asbestos abatement professionals have special tools, equipment, and suits to contain the asbestos and remove it safely. During asbestos abatement, you will need to leave your home. This is for your safety, as asbestos fibers are tiny and cannot be seen. Once completed, your home will be checked once more to ensure the asbestos has been fully removed. Afterward, you will be allowed to enter your home and have the peace of mind that your home is asbestos free.

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