Asbestos Abatement in Older Buildings

Asbestos was used widely in the building of large commercial buildings. Sadly, asbestos was still in materials being used as late as the 1990s. This means your business could contain asbestos and your employees and clients could all be exposed. It is hard to tell if your building could contain asbestos. Many older buildings have been reconstructed to look new again. Many renovations do not include areas that could contain asbestos. What should you do? Asbestos Abatement is here to help with some knowledge on asbestos and older buildings!

What areas are at risk for asbestos in renovated office buildings?

Office buildings often get the once over with new tile and a fresh coat of paint. Yes, asbestos may have been in the tile, but where else in your building could asbestos be hiding? Below are just some of the places that could still contain asbestos:

  • Adhesives
  • Wall Paper Backing
  • Caulking
  • Insulation
  • Roofing

These are all areas that may not have been touched during renovations. Insulation and roofing are two that are usually not even considered during renovations. If you have an older office building, it is important to have it checked for asbestos.

Could these areas cause asbestos exposure?

Even insulation that is behind walls and in your attics could be dangerous. These areas may be hidden, but asbestos fibers are small and can easily travel and be inhaled. The fibers may travel through your HVAC system to other areas of your business.

What should I do?

The easiest thing to do is call an asbestos abatement company. They will be able to handle all your questions and test the building. Asbestos abatement companies are certified and licensed to handle all asbestos. If your building is a bit older, it won’t hurt to have an asbestos test. It could save you much money in the long run.

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