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Pre-Demolition Asbestos Tests and Why They are Important

Demolition of any structure is a massive undertaking and an even bigger decision. Are you just changing a layout? You could also be removing a rickety building, or doing a major remodel. These all take a lot of planning. In addition, asbestos could be lurking in your structure and could affect everyone involved in the demolition process. Asbestos should be considered during the pre-demolition process, as it is a huge health danger. It is illegal to demolition any buildings without a proper asbestos survey.

What is a Pre-Demolition Asbestos Test?

This is an extensive asbestos test. It is very intrusive and only administered by licensed asbestos abatement professionals. While they are checking for asbestos, professionals will take extra care by wearing suits for asbestos removal and using equipment to contain any asbestos fibers that could escape and contaminate the area. If the asbestos abatement professionals do find asbestos, they will write up a report and let the owners know. If the building is set for demolition, it will need to be handled by a licensed asbestos demolition company.

Why are Pre-Demolition Asbestos Tests Important?

Asbestos is a small fiber that was used in many construction materials. Today, many homes and offices still contain asbestos. As certain materials break down because of regular wear and tear, asbestos exposure risks become higher. If you are looking to demolition a building or do a large remodel, it is important to have the area tested for asbestos. If asbestos is present, the asbestos abatement professionals will handle it in a safe manner. They have the exclusive equipment to stop the fibers from spreading. Once completed they will survey the area once more to ensure it is safe to re-enter the area.

Asbestos Abatement Services knows the risks that come with asbestos exposure. Our intention is to educate our clients and make certain they are safe for all types of projects. For more information check out our blogs.

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