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Asbestos Abatement Services

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Asbestos Decontamination – Why A Trained Professional is Needed!

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As we all see in the media, asbestos exposure causes cancer, specifically mesothelioma. We know asbestos is a carcinogen and is still seen in older homes throughout the United States. Asbestos is deadly, and there are laws in place on federal and state levels about asbestos decontamination. Below, we will discuss asbestos decontamination and the importance of a certified asbestos abatement professional.

When asbestos abatement professionals begin a job, they start by sealing off the area. Once sealed, they bring in equipment and negative pressure machines to ensure no asbestos fibers can escape. They also seal off HVAC vents and wear respirators and suits to ensure that asbestos fibers do not attach to them or enter their bodies.

Once they remove the asbestos-containing materials, they will start sealing them and safely removing them from the property. Once they have removed the materials to a safe location, they will go through a decontamination process. This process is an extremely important part of the removal process because it ensures no asbestos fibers escape the immediate area. All equipment, tools, clothing, and workers will go through the decontamination process before they can leave the site.

By doing this, they prevent the asbestos fibers from exposing anyone in the immediate area. They will then take the asbestos-containing materials to a disposal location, where they present their licenses and certifications for disposal. It is unlawful to remove or attempt the removal of asbestos without the correct permits. These laws are in place to protect people from the harmful effects of asbestos exposure, including cancer and possible death.
If you have asbestos on your property, contact an asbestos abatement professional so that they can safely eliminate the asbestos and ensure your home and family are safe.

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My Home Has Asbestos – Can I Sell It?

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It is finally time to sell your home, but it is an older home, and it contains asbestos. What do you do? If you know that the home has asbestos, it must be disclosed to the buyer without a shadow of a doubt. If you do not disclose the information, you can be sued. When selling a home, you will need to have a property inspection completed. These inspections do not generally check for asbestos, but the buyer may want an asbestos test if the home is older.

What If I Am Unsure of Asbestos On The Property?

If you do not know for sure, you can have an asbestos test completed. You can also let the buyer decide if they want an inspection. It is best for you to have one completed because of the time and money it can save in the long run. If the buyer wants a test and it comes back that there is asbestos on the property, you may be asked to remove the asbestos or sell the home for a lower price to cover the asbestos removal.

Asbestos is highly hazardous and a danger to everyone that enters the home. If you are still living in the home, it is crucial to have a test completed if the home is older. Older homes could have asbestos in the insulation, roofing, tiles, walls, textured ceilings, and even adhesives. While we stated it is legal to sell a home containing asbestos, it is best to have it checked before putting your home on the market. You never want to unknowingly cause someone to become exposed to such a dangerous fiber. Asbestos causes cancer and other respiratory issues that can cause lifelong illnesses.

Hire a professional asbestos abatement company such as Asbestos Abatement Services for all your testing, inspection, and removal needs.

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Asbestos-Related Illnesses – The Reason Asbestos Is So Hazardous

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Asbestos has been found in many areas of homes and businesses, both old and new. While many people are still unsure of how dangerous asbestos exposure can be, we know the truth. At Asbestos Abatement Services, our goal is to educate and protect you from asbestos exposure. One of the many ways we do that is through education. Blogs are a gateway of information to better help and protect yourself from asbestos exposure. Below, we will discuss asbestos-related illnesses and why asbestos is so hazardous to you and your family.

Asbestos-Related Illnesses

Asbestos exposure was once only seen in men, as they were exposed through their jobs. We saw men with severe asbestos-related illnesses like mesothelioma and lung cancer. Today, we are seeing women and even young children with asbestos-related illnesses. Children are usually affected by secondary asbestos exposure, but we see them exposed in their own homes.

Mesothelioma is a severe cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. It can affect the lung, heart, and stomach and is very aggressive. Lung cancer is also commonly associated with asbestos exposure. Other illnesses such as asbestosis, pleural thickening, and lung scarring are also severe and only caused by asbestos exposure. All asbestos-related illnesses affect the respiratory system and can cause trouble breathing, coughing, wheezing, and lack of oxygen. These types of severe illnesses are reason enough to see the dangers that asbestos exposure poses to the public.

Asbestos exposure is occurring more and more in homes. This can be stopped by having an asbestos test administered on your property. This is the only way to know for sure if you do have asbestos-containing materials on your property. Asbestos is hazardous and should be removed from homes and businesses immediately. Keep your family safe and be proactive against asbestos exposure.

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Mesothelioma and Other Illnesses – One of The Many Reasons To Call An Asbestos Professional!

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Asbestos is an organically growing fiber that is seen throughout the world. While many hazardous substances grow naturally, asbestos is even more dangerous because it was used in construction materials. Asbestos was mined and used for centuries in all types of products. However, it was used in conjunction with other materials to make construction products for homes and buildings. Asbestos was not regulated until the late 80s and early 90s. While it is regulated, asbestos is still used in some imported products. Asbestos-related illnesses are very serious and can affect your entire family, including children.

Asbestos-Related Illnesses

There are several different asbestos-related illnesses, all of which affect your lungs and respiratory system. Asbestos exposure is very hazardous. One reason is that you are never aware that you have been exposed because you cannot see asbestos fibers. It can be years after asbestos exposure that you notice symptoms. Most symptoms include coughing, trouble breathing, lung and chest pains. Mesothelioma is the only cancer that is directly caused by exposure to asbestos. Lung cancer is also common with asbestos exposure, as is pleural thickening, asbestosis, and other respiratory issues.

As you can see, asbestos-related illnesses are very serious and can cause significant illnesses and even death. This is one of the many reasons that asbestos testing and professional asbestos removal are crucial. Never attempt to remove asbestos from your property. Asbestos abatement professionals have the proper equipment, tools, and certifications to safely remove and dispose of all asbestos-containing materials from your property. If you are showing signs of asbestos exposure, it is vital that you see a doctor and have your home tested for asbestos. Asbestos abatement professionals will be able to check your property, remove the asbestos, and ensure your property is safe and free from asbestos.

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The Importance of A Proper Asbestos Inspection

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Asbestos has been used in construction and other materials for centuries. It was a great addition, as it was not only fire resistant but also incredibly durable. Unfortunately, it was found to cause serious illnesses. Respiratory illnesses and cancers such as mesothelioma are common if exposed to asbestos fibers. Asbestos-containing materials were used in homes throughout the world, including the United States. Today, we still see asbestos, even in newly built homes. If you own a home or business, it is vital that you have an asbestos inspection completed on the property.

Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos inspections are very comprehensive, and the asbestos professional must have proper licensing and certifications to administer an asbestos test and inspection. An asbestos inspection is completed by taking samples of all areas throughout the property, including the interior and exterior areas. Once samples are collected, they are sent to a lab to be tested for asbestos fibers.

If your property does have asbestos, an asbestos professional will work with you to form an action plan to remove the asbestos. Asbestos exposure can happen quickly, so it is best to have the asbestos removed as soon as possible. An asbestos inspection not only provides you and your family with protection from asbestos but also leaves you with peace of mind, knowing that your property is free from harmful asbestos fibers.

If asbestos is on your property, it is crucial that you have a professional asbestos abatement company remove the asbestos. You must have licensing and certifications to remove asbestos and dispose of the hazardous material. If your property has never had an asbestos test or inspection administered, it is a perfect time. Even newer homes should be tested, as asbestos is not entirely banned in the United States, making it possible for newly built properties to contain asbestos. Utah Asbestos Abatement provides complete asbestos inspections and removal services for all of Utah.

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Is Asbestos Banned In The United States?

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Asbestos has grown more popular over the last several years, as more people are realizing the actual dangers of asbestos exposure. We see law commercials and billboards and news articles and documentaries all surrounding asbestos and the hazards it causes. With all the media hype and the hard facts that asbestos is a hazard to humans, you would think asbestos would be banned in the United States. Shockingly, it is not prohibited and only regulated.

Asbestos Bans

Asbestos has been banned in areas around the world. In fact, 55 countries have banned asbestos, but the United States and Canada are not on the list. You would think that the United States would entirely ban such a dangerous fiber, but instead, they have enacted laws and regulations surrounding asbestos.

Asbestos kills people. It is plain and simple. Asbestos causes mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other severe respiratory illnesses. These illnesses are severe and can cause lifelong illnesses. Asbestos is found in older buildings, homes, and even newly constructed properties. Many do not realize that asbestos is not banned and could still be in their newly built homes. This is a cause of concern, as families believe they are safe in their homes until they are exposed to such a dangerous fiber. Asbestos exposure is not clear-cut. You do not know the moment you have been exposed. Asbestos will stay inactive in your body for up to a decade, where it will then begin to cause symptoms. These symptoms could be the start of a respiratory illness and even cancer.

Asbestos regulations do limit the use of asbestos and rules or in place to protect people from exposure, but with asbestos not being banned, there is always a chance for exposure. The best way to protect yourself is through education. A strong knowledge of asbestos and being proactive with asbestos testing can keep you safe from asbestos exposure.

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When Is It Time To Hire An Asbestos Abatement Professional?

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Hiring an asbestos professional can be stressful and confusing. When is the right time to hire an asbestos abatement company? Why Should I hire an asbestos abatement company? Can I remove asbestos myself? Below, we will answer your questions and explain the importance of an asbestos abatement professional.

Asbestos Removal

If your property has asbestos-containing materials, it is crucial to contact an asbestos abatement professional. If your home has been tested and there is asbestos, you will need to have it removed for your and your family’s safety. Asbestos is highly dangerous and could expose you and your family, leading to severe illnesses later in life.


If you own an older property, it is important to have the property tested for asbestos before you begin a remodel. A certified asbestos abatement professional can test your property to ensure it is free from asbestos. If there is asbestos, they will be able to remove it safely so that you do not risk exposure.

Commercial Demolitions

Another important time to hire an asbestos abatement professional is before you demolish a commercial building. Older commercial properties contain asbestos. A certified asbestos abatement contractor needs to be present so that they can safely contain the asbestos before the demolition takes place. Asbestos fibers are tiny and can float into the air during a demolition, causing exposure to neighbors.

You Own An Older Home

It needs to be tested for asbestos if you own an older home, as it likely contains asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials were used in insulation, roofing, wallpaper, and even flooring. If these materials begin to break down from wear and tear, they can cause exposure.

Asbestos Abatement Services provides asbestos inspections and removal services for commercial and residential properties.

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Asbestos and Lead Can Lead To Extreme Illnesses

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Asbestos and lead are two hazardous materials that are commonly found in older buildings. Both commercial and residential properties were built using asbestos-containing materials and lead paint. Before the 1990s, both asbestos and lead were not seen as a threat. They were items that bettered the quality of construction materials. Once asbestos and lead were found to cause illnesses, they were better regulated. Asbestos is still not fully banned, but lead paint is no longer used.

Lead Paint

Lead paint is still found in older properties, even those that have been remodeled. While this may not be a hazard to most healthy adults, it can be dangerous for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. If your home has not been tested for lead paint and it is older, now is the time. Lead paint can be removed, which can keep your family safe from the many symptoms of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning symptoms include:
• Seizures
• Irritability
• Cognitive Problems
• Behavioral Issues
• Headaches
• Comas


Asbestos exposure causes many illnesses. From pleural thickening to lung scarring and cancer, asbestos causes severe respiratory illnesses. Some of the many symptoms include:
• Coughing
• Chest Pains
• Difficulty Breathing
• Wheezing
• Lung Pain
• Coughing Up Blood
• Fatigue

Asbestos-related illnesses do not show up as soon as you have been exposed. It is often years or even decades later before any symptoms occur.

As you can see, both lead and asbestos exposure are hazardous. Both can be avoided through the proper testing and safe removal of asbestos and lead from the property. If your home is older, consider having a lead and asbestos testing completed. It will give you peace of mind that your home is safe from the many illnesses of asbestos and lead poisoning.

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Shingle and Roof Asbestos Removal – The Importance

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Roofing is meant to last a long time. It is strong and withstands the sun, ice, rain, and wind. Some roofs have been on homes since the 70s and 80s. While this shows how strong roofs can be, it also poses a danger to those living in or around the roof. Roof materials were comprised of asbestos for decades. Asbestos was not only fire resistant but also durable, making it a great addition to roofing materials. With these older roofs still intact, the risk of asbestos exposure increases. Many argue that asbestos roofing is not a danger because it is outside the home, but this is the farthest from the truth.

Asbestos Roofing and The Dangers Of Exposure

Asbestos-containing materials on the interior of your home may be of a greater concern, as you are trapped inside with the dangerous fiber, but exterior asbestos is just as dangerous. Asbestos fibers are very tiny and can float through the air, where they can enter your home and car, allowing the fibers to be ingested through your mouth and nose. Asbestos roofing is a hazard, not only to you but to your neighbors as well. Asbestos can easily float in the air to neighboring houses. If your roof was built into the 90s, it needs to be replaced.

Asbestos roofing needs to be removed by professionals that handle hazardous materials. Colorado Hazardous Environmental provides complete asbestos removal from homes and businesses. Our team uses special equipment and suits with respirators to contain the asbestos as we remove it. This ensures the safety of everyone in the area. Once removed, we dispose of the asbestos in a particular area. If your roofing contains asbestos, never hesitate to have it removed, as asbestos can cause severe respiratory illnesses, including cancer.

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Will My Insurance Cover Asbestos Removal?

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Learning that your property contains asbestos is a terrifying feeling. No one wants a toxic material in their home. Your home should be your safe place and to find you have a fiber that can cause cancer in your home is devastating. Asbestos has been found in many areas around homes, including:
• Insulation
• Walls
• Flooring
• Roofing
• Adhesives
• Popcorn Ceilings
• Gaskets
• Textured Walls

Once you learn that you have asbestos in your home, your instinct will be to have it removed as soon as possible. This is the wisest decision you can make. Once you have overcome the shock of finding asbestos on your property, you will begin to think of the cost. Asbestos removal is not cheap. You may wonder if you can remove it yourself. The answer is no. A licensed company can only complete asbestos removal. It is illegal to remove asbestos without the proper license because of how dangerous it is.

Will My Insurance Cover Asbestos Removal?

n most cases, insurance companies do not cover the cost of asbestos removal. However, there are some circumstances where your homeowner insurance may pay for your asbestos removal. It is best to contact a professional asbestos removal company. They will be able to check with your insurance to see if they can file a claim. If your property has been damaged by flooding, storm damages, or tornadoes, your policy may cover the safe removal and replacement of asbestos-containing materials.

While asbestos abatement can be costly, it is also necessary to protect you and your family from asbestos exposure. It is best to work with a certified asbestos abatement professional. They will be able to create a plan and work with your budget on the safe removal of asbestos from your home.